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Are you juggling a job, a home and caring for an aged person? Independent Lifestyles is for you.  Our homemakers and cleaners can help with cleaning, washing, ironing and other basic household duties.

At Independent Lifestyles, we know you want the best consistent care and we are committed to bringing you just that.  Our workforce is ready to give you the sensitive, private and reliable care you and your loved ones deserve.  We are committed to building consistent, ongoing relationships between clients and staff that build the trust needed to put clients at ease.

Our professional Home Healthcare Workers make it possible for your elderly parent, family member or those with a disability to continue an independent lifestyle.

Our kindly and competent Home Healthcare Workers, Registered Nurses, and Specialty Services Providers are fully vetted and highly qualified to help with any services needed-personal care, housecleaning, outings, showers, medication assistance, companionship, shopping and even yard work.  From short visits to 24 hour service, Independent Lifestyles offers everything it takes to continue life in the comfort and security that home offers.


To be the first choice for home healthcare services where active aging, dignity and the quality of life of every client is supported.


Service  |  professional, worry free, distinguished service.

Stability   |   being available through on-call and adequate staffing.

Integrity, honesty and trust  |  practicing open communication.

Community, health and wellness  |  offering responsive services beyond what the public healthcare system offers.

Compassion, dedication, patience  |  focus on caregiving as if it were your loved one.

Respect  |  earned as a small business that provides distinguished home healthcare and home support services.

Support   |  client advocacy that builds relationships.

Money  |  provide Home Healthcare Workers a living wage.

Independent Lifestyles Provides Home Healthcare Services For:

Individuals having difficulty with daily living activities such as housecleaning, personal healthcare, and meals due to active aging; Families needing support or relief from caring for a loved one;

Clients and families of all backgrounds and ages, with any health care need or medical condition;

With palliative care;

People who have had a stroke or acquired brain injury;

Those with Alzheimer Disease or related disorders;

People who have Parkinson’s;

Patients with affected mobility.

People seeking this service have many of the same needs: 

To be treated with respect and dignity;

To be actively engaged in a community of some kind;

To be involved in his/her own treatment and Individual Care Plan;

To be cared for by skilled, medically-knowledgeable health care professionals and caregivers, working as an integrated health care team.

“You’re superb and I thank you for the friendship you have given me. ”
“ I was never without care.”
“Great to have a choice of home support providers on the Sunshine Coast.”
“Willing to do just about anything to help out.”
“Open to adopting the schedule to our needs.”
“Integrity when it comes to continuing with mundane tasks like vacuuming or cleaning”
“Nothing to improve. You guys are great!”