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    Human resources are central to the strategic plan and a common thread to fulfilling the mission statement, values and goals of the company.

    We believe in providing a living wage, a comprehensive benefits package, as well as the satisfaction that you make a significant impact on the lives of people. Equitable compensation, flexible employment options, career development and growth opportunities are a few other reasons to work with us. We are committed to reducing staff turnover and to match similar client and caregiver interests, place of residence and scheduling needs.

    Do you possess the following qualities?

    Independent Lifestyles expects Home Healthcare Workers to contribute their talents and energy to improve the quality of service, the community and the business.

    It is important to our clients and us to take the time and to address the small things.

    Home Healthcare Workers approach every task with sensitivity and compassion and have the meekness or discretion when challenged.

    Our hiring process

    At Independent Lifestyles we believe that Home Healthcare Workers are the cornerstone of a successful home health business. Home Healthcare Workers are the foundation and basis of unity between the client and the business.

    Home Healthcare Workers are hand picked to provide a level of care to clients as if they were our loved one.