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Independent Lifestyles helps you to successfully age in place. We understand that it is very important to maintain high cognitive and physical function, to prevent disease and disability, and to be engaged and in control of your future. Our services provide you with choices so you can enjoy your life:
Personal care services are provided by certified Home Healthcare Workers who assist people in their homes with daily living activities such as:

• meal prep
• medication assistance
• routine housecleaning
• positioning
• skin care
• bathing
• dressing
• toileting
• transferring
• feeding
• grooming
• basic foot care

At home access to a professional home health care team including; Registered Nurses (RN), and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) in acute, chronic, rehabilitative and end-of-life care. This includes:

• Catheter Care
• B12 Shots
• Dementia Care
• Nutritional Needs of Older Persons
• Holistic Assessments
• Skin and Wound Care
• Administration and use of medications
• Advanced Foot care
• Intravenous Therapy
• Drainage Tubes
• Pain prevention, management and comfort
• Diabetes and cardiovascular management and therapy
• Pre and Post-Diagnostic Care
• Ongoing Evaluation of Client Care

Home Healthcare Workers will help you to maintain high cognitive and physical function. You can enjoy your independence and be involved in your home life. Home Healthcare Workers know how to support successful aging in place by assisting you with healthy eating, physical activity, mental and social stimulation, personal care, and companionship. Your Home Healthcare Worker is someone you can trust and rely on. In emergencies, your Home Healthcare Worker can adapt their schedule so there is a familiar face during hospitalisations and they can also accompany you to the Medical Clinic.

Companionship and Supportive Assistance

Companions are Home Healthcare Workers that are fortunate to meet with the more homebound seniors requiring a friend, an outside contact or simply someone to lean on. Having a companion helps around the house in order to maintain your independence and to have someone to talk to on a regular basis. The following are just a few examples of the services a companion can provide:

• Conversation and company
• Family respite care
• Schedule appointments and follow-up
• Prepare shopping lists
• Help with meal preparation and cooking
• Bedtime and morning assistance
• Prepare shopping lists
• Monitor eating and diet
• Monitor home safety
• Pet Care
• Light Housecleaning
• Bed Changes
• Laundry
• Transportation assistance
• Get mail and help pay bills
• Recycling
• Garbage

Our framework of service and care incorporates the values, principles and expectations found in an shared care model of health and wellness. Independent Lifestyles believes in a holistic approach to active aging, health and wellness. Committed to distinguished customer service and our values, all clients have access to a range of specialty services including:

• Property maintenance services;
• Grounds maintenance;
• Housekeeping;
• Residential moves;
• Health and wellness information;
• Information on government programs, community services and resources;
• Funding research;
• Grant writing;
• Access to Temporary Foreign Workers.

One of the biggest concerns for seniors is not being able to get around. Transportation assistance is convenient and safe. Accompanied by a Home Healthcare Worker, individuals have the freedom to go out to the following destinations:

•Shopping centre
•Social Outing
•Hairdresser or Barber
•Financial Institution, Financial Planner or Accountant
•Post Office
•To a friend or family members house
•Seniors Activity Centre or Day Program
•Recreation Centre
•Community Event
•Day trip to Vancouver

Short notice? Independent Lifestyles accommodates your transportation needs anytime.

Going away? Need a break? Independent Lifestyles provides respite care in your absence. Services may range from checking in regularly, to overnights or live-in, and may be arranged at the last minute. Respite care is a popular choice for family, friends or neighbours requiring a break and enables individuals to remain in their own home. Invaluable for the caregiver, respite is a valuable option for the following needs:

Transportation, homemaking and companionship includes; shopping, outings and light housekeeping, laundry, meals, organisation, shopping, bills, safety in the home and companion services.

Personal care services provided by certified Home Healthcare Workers who assist people in their homes with daily living activities such as bathing, grooming and basic foot care.

The key to successful home care respite is understanding your needs, providing a suitable match and open communication.